Hiring Tree Planters!

We are looking for new and experienced tree planters to join our planting crews beginning May 1, 2023!

Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants have been planting trees since 1986 and are excited to embark on a new season in 2023. Currently we are expecting a full May – July season this Spring with an option to extend into the Summer. Our tree planters are core to our business, and we work hard to ensure these highly motivated staff members can succeed in this difficult yet rewarding work experience.


Why Plant for Scott and Stewart Forestry?

Earning Potential:

We offer competitive rates and our staff works hard to ensure all our tree planters can succeed regardless of experience. We also have weekly, and seasonal bonuses for production and attendance Starting at $0.10 per tree plus vacation pay. Our full-time office staff ensures that everyone is paid weekly by direct deposit and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Experienced Staff:

Our management staff has decades of planting experience. Our team strives to create an equitable, safe working environment for all employees and our supervisors are held to the highest standards. We execute efficient management to ensure more time in the block planting and less downtime.

Comprehensive Paid Training:

Our training program is designed to have all our new tree planters up to speed as soon as possible. We provide wage assistance for the first 2 training weeks and continued coaching to ensure you are hitting your production goals and all our quality standards. It is our commitment to all our employees to work for their success as a Tree Planter.


We provide transportation from a central location into all job sites to ensure this work experience is accessible to anyone who wants to experience East Coast Canadian tree planting. Our team of experienced and trained drivers ensure that you travel to and from the work site in new half ton trucks to ensure the safety of all our team members on the job site.

Respectful Safe Workplace:

We operate our entire business under the highest safety standards possible. As a Safety Services Nova Scotia certified business, we pride ourselves on ensuring all our employees have a safe and welcoming work environment. We pride ourselves on a culture of open dialogue for improvements to our operations and policies. All employees are welcome to provide feedback directly to supervisors, project managers, and our business owners.

Balanced Work Life:

We understand that a balanced life is important to all our staff, so we make a commitment to get you home at a reasonable time everyday. With a regular schedule from Monday – Friday it allows you to fully enjoy your weekends and explore Nova Scotia through the summer! Our crews leave a central location at 6AM every morning and have you back at the central location at 5PM. This helps to maximize the time in the block and minimize the impact to the evening social life!

Full Summer Employment:

Due to our extensive contacts in industry we can accommodate those who want to work for a Spring, Summer, and Fall season! With over 3 Million trees to plant this season we will have no shortage of trees!

Future Opportunities:

We are a diverse company with plenty of opportunities in all aspects of Forest Management. Many of our full-time employees started through our planting program and we are constantly looking for new interested, enthusiastic, and hard-working employees. Some of these opportunities may include:

Tree Nursery Technician
Pre-Commercial Thinning Saw Operator
Chainsaw Operator (For Utility Line Maintenance and Low Impact Ecological Forestry Practices)

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