“Years ago, as a Nova Scotian by blessing and choice our family had the good fortune to acquire forest land in need of management. At the time when the company Scott and Stewart first came into existence. Being from the city with an interest in forestry but little knowledge of good forest practice Scott and Stewart assisted us in putting a plan together. Forty-Five years later we were recognized in 2016 as the winners of the eastern land owners of the year award. Scott and Stewart played a big part in this recognition. We would highly recommend this company to anyone owning forest land in need of management.”

Frank and Lelia Machnik and Family

2016 Eastern Nova Scotia Woodlot Owner of The Year

“Scott and Stewart Forestry was one of the many players that I engaged in the process of completing my woodlot management plan. They harvested in a timely manner, selectively and with respect for the ground that they worked on, and adjacent features (eg waterways).” 

Martha Brown

2015 Nova Scotia Woodlot Owner of The Year

“We have worked with and had work completed by Scott & Stewart Forestry Consultants Ltd. For years. They are a very professional and competent company who do very good work. I highly recommend their company.”

Scott Mason

Century Forestry Consultants Ltd, Pictou, Nova Scotia

“Scott and Stewart Forestry were contracted for a cut of a large mature stand, and a clean up of other odd pockets around our woodlot. This was done over a period of three years and was handled professionally, with good communication and consideration of all our concerns. Re-planting began during the second year and was completed after the third.”

Ian and Lai lm Lancaster

Upper South River, Antigonish County

“I have been associated with this company ever since they formed over thirty years ago.

The owners and employees were and are a pleasure to do business with. In my case they have done all the silviculture on my woodlots including harvesting, site prep, planting and thinning.

A severe snow/ice event over a year ago caused a lot of tree breakage on a 150 acre, thirty year old plantation. During the summer Scott and Stewart sent their harvesters in and cleaned up the site, including many broken trees on the ground, which I’m sure slowed production but I still received fair stumpage.

The forestry industry is always a challenge and this company has been successful in meeting these challenges and continue providing top notch service for their clients.”

Nick Williams

Drybrook Forest Products Ltd, Barney’s River, Nova Scotia

“Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants Ltd. has done silviculture and harvesting work for our company over the last 30 years. They recently harvested over 2000 tons of wood of which we were very pleased with their professional work. We continue to have them do forestry work on our properties. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any silviculture or harvesting job.”

Eric Williams

Williams Brothers Lumber, Barneys River, Pictou Co.

“We have owned a woodlot in Dunmaglas for many years, and during that time we contracted with Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants, Ltd. to manage our property. In 1993 they assessed our land and created a “Woodlot Management Plan” outlining the proper use and management of the property. During the years there has been selective harvesting of the timber followed by replanting to ensure future growth. We have continued to follow this plan with some revisions to the present and have been extremely satisfied with the results. Additionally we have found the staff to be very competent, knowledgeable, professional and ethical. We originally worked with Shaun Scott and Jack Stewart in devising our management plan. Subsequently we were assigned Kevin MacDonald as our woodlot technician who we continue to work with to date. Kevin has not only been a great advisor but also our good friend. He is always available to answering any our questions and also getting together whenever we are in the area. We would recommend this firm without any reservation.”

Norman & Susan Woerle

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