Woodlot Management

Long-Term Management

At Scott and Stewart Forestry we understand the importance of woodlands to private woodland owners, families and the communities they serve. The forested lands we manage are as diverse as the owners who care for them. We work hard to ensure all our clients have their economic, environmental, and recreational objectives are understood and implemented in a way that matches their forest outlook.

Whether you are an experienced woodlot owner with a robust management plan, or new to Forest Management, our staff can help you track, plan, and develop your management plans to fit your goals and objectives.

Management Plan Preparation

Scott and Stewart’s staff of professional foresters and forest technicians have prepared and consulted on hundreds of management plans for woodlot owners over the past 35 years. From community forests, town watersheds, and small woodlot owners, our clients are diverse and there are no projects too big or small. We ensure we understand our clients management goals and work closely with our clients to ensure we meet all landowners requirements.

Scott & Stewart - Management Plan Preparation

A typical plan would contain the following; A statement of the woodlot owners objectives; A description of the condition of the boundary lines and recommendations for establishment or renewal; A discussion of accessibility and recommendations for road construction or upgrading; A description of each of the forest stands including information on stand species, volumes, ages, heights, etc; Recommended harvesting and silviculture treatments; Maps, aerial photographs, tables and other supporting information.

Woodlot Cruises, Assessments and Valuations

Scott and Stewart’s staff of professional foresters and forest technicians have a great deal of experience in completing woodlot cruises and assessments. Depending on the woodlot owners objectives these can range from can range from interpretation of aerial photographs to robust detailed stand cruises.

If you are looking to better understand your forested lands economic and ecological values, purchase a property, or learn more about Forest Management our knowledgeable team can help guide your decisions.

Measuring and Mapping

Scott & Stewart - Techs

Scott and Stewart’s staff have experience in a variety of field cruising and remote sensing projects. 

With experience in tree marking, permanent plot installation and remote sensing projects our field staff is capable of any Forest Mapping or tree tagging projects. 

Our experienced GIS team can work with with any project to ensure your data deliverables meet your data flow requirements.


Scott and Stewart Forestry has experienced staff and provide a variety forest services. If you own a woodlot and are looking for advise on where to start or where to go next our team members can guide you through the management process.

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