Woodlot Management

Long-Term Management

Scott and Stewart staff prefer to work with woodlot owners over the longer term. For example if we plant an area we would like to work with the owner to see that any necessary follow up treatments such as weeding, pre-commercial thinning etc. are completed. A geographic information system (G.I.S.) is used to keep track of possible future treatments as well as completed treatments. When a forest stand reaches the stage that it would benefit from a silviculture or harvesting treatment this is discussed with the landowner. Maps and data on past or proposed treatments are available to landowners at no cost.

Management Plan Preparation

Scott and Stewart’s staff of professional foresters and forest technologists have prepared management plans for hundreds of woodlot owners over the past 25 years. Scott and Stewart has also prepared forest management plans for first nation bands and has participated in the preparation of forest management plans for municipal watersheds. Our staff have teamed up with biologists and other professionals to meet an owners management plan objectives. A management plan can be customized to meet the landowners requirements.

A typical plan would contain the following; A statement of the woodlot owners objectives; A description of the condition of the boundary lines and recommendations for establishment or renewal; A discussion of accessibility and recommendations for road construction or upgrading; A description of each of the forest stands including information on stand species, volumes, ages, heights, etc; Recommended harvesting and silviculture treatments; Maps, aerial photographs, tables and other supporting information.

Woodlot Cruises, Assessments and Valuations

Scott and Stewart’s staff of professional foresters and forest technologists have a great deal of experience in completing woodlot cruises and assessments. Depending on the woodlot owners objectives assessments can range from interpretation of aerial photographs to detailed stand cruises.

Measuring and Mapping

Scott and Stewart’s staff have experience using a variety of Global Positioning System (GPS) units.GPS units can be used to measure or locate a variety of features including survey monuments, roads, fields, cutovers, etc. These features can then plotted on maps using a Geographic Information System (GIS)


Scott and Stewart’s experienced staff can provide a variety of other services such as Scaling, Road location, Boundary line renewal, Forest landscape work, and Christmas tree cultivation.