Safety Policy

Scott and Stewart Forestry Consultants Ltd. (S&S) is a forest management company committed to providing services to our clients in a timely, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Management is committed to ensuring the safety of every worker at S&S:

  • Safety and health are shared responsibilities. Everyone from management, supervisors and any worker are responsible for his or her own safety and the safety of his or her fellow workers.
  • It is everyone’s job to spot hazards and report these in a timely fashion.
  • Where hazards cannot be completely eliminated, they must be reduced through engineering or administrative controls or as a final precaution, through proper use of protective equipment.
  • Every individual will be trained to work safely. Should a worker feel inadequately trained to perform a certain procedure, they will discuss the problem with his or her supervisor.
  • Management and employees will cooperate in implementing all aspects of the safety program.
  • As a condition of employment, each employee must consistently work in a safe manner.
  • Safety off the job is as important as safety on the job.
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