Eco Log 550 and 580 Harvesters

Scott & Stewart - Eco Log 550 and 580 Harvesters

Providing an ideal combination of power and precision. Low impact and a small footprint make these machines Ideal for commercial thinning, selection cuts and clearing operations.

Rocan Enviro Thinning Harvester

The ENVIRO Harvester from Rocan is the solution for commercial tree-thinning operations in North America. Full lock-up front and rear differentials; impressive steering and oscillation angles; high ground clearance; excellent serviceability; narrow width, short wheelbase and length. All engineered by ROCAN into a robust and stable chassis with perfect 50-50 axle load distribution with the loader in traveling position.

Scott & Stewart - Rocan Enviro Thinning Harvester

John Deere 1270 6 Wheeled Harvester

More information coming soon!


Tigercat 845C Feller Buncher

Scott & Stewart - Tigercat 845C Feller Buncher

The 845C is a high performance mid-sized feller buncher with limited tail-swing and outstanding service access.

Tigercat 870C Feller Buncher

The 870C feller buncher is a full size, super high production machine best matched to the most intensive and demanding final fell applications.


Rottne Rapid 12-Tonne Forwarder

Rottne Rapid 12-Tonne Forwarder

Over the years the Rapid has established itself as a very simple, reliable and all-round forwarder.

The equipment range includes 8WD, rigid or articulated wagons and two types of loader.
The rigid wagon, which is available in different frame lengths, has a very low center of gravity and detachable load bunks.

This means that the wagon can be changed quickly and easily from forwarder to other fields of application such as clam bunk skidder, lime spreader, container carrier etc.

Rottne F15 Forwarder

Powerful 8wd Forwarder with 15 tonne capacity and precise maneuverability make this a reliable all purpose forwarder.

Other Equipment

TH840-B Timberpro

Scott & Stewart - TH840-B Timberpro

Combination machine with quick boom attachment and 360 degrees continuous rotation.

John Deere 250G Excavators with FAE Mulching Heads

Powerful, long reaching with small tail swing make the 250’s an ideal match for utility mowing, roadside vegetation management, ROW clearing and commercial land clearing

Scott & Stewart - John Deere 250G Excavators with FAE Mulching Heads

John Deere 160 Excavator

Small overall size with capable reach. Allowing for efficient operation in tight spaces and low ground impact.

CMI Mulchers

Low impact, quiet and and efficient mulchers are ideal for opening overgrown woods roads, commercial land clearing as well as trail and utility line clearing.

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