Over the past 30 years, Scott and Stewart crews have planted more than 125 million trees in Nova Scotia! Come join our team!

We are looking for experienced planters as well as inexperienced planters who are interested in joining our crews to begin in early May. Planting can be very rewarding and we have planters who come back year after year because they really enjoy the social network, physical effort, outdoor environment, and the financial rewards that come from the experience of working on a planting crew.

Planters are paid by piece rate and you are only limited to what you can earn by how many trees you can plant while meeting the company standards for quality. Inexperienced planters may start out making about $300-400/week and with experience can earn $800-1200/ week. Our regular planting day is usually Mon-Friday from 6:00 AM-5:00 PM approx. including travel to the site.

We will provide transportation each day from a central spot in Antigonish, however you must have accommodations in the Antigonish area – we do not provide accommodations for planters in Antigonish. In June and July, our crews travel to work out of Fredericton NB for 5-6 weeks and we do arrange accommodations for these crews.

If you are interested in planting this season, please complete an application online as soon as possible as we begin to notify applicants in early March about placements on our crews. We do continue to accept applications throughout the season to fill any vacancies that may become available.