Hurricane Fiona Relief

Our staff have working extensively with woodlot owners to help develop strategies to help with hurricane damage, lot cleanup, and succession planning for their woodlots. If you have a woodlot you would like one of our staff to work with you on please fill out this form or call our office. Due to the demand for cleanup we may not be able to help right away but can ensure you have the information you need. 

Association of Sustainable Forestry Harvesting Hurricane Support
ASF has a program to provide assistance to woodlot owners and contractors to offset harvest costs. Scott and Stewart Staff can assist with claims for blocks which have been harvested or provide guidance for woodlot owners applying for assistance. 

Tree Planting of Fiona Damaged Blocks
If you have any areas harvested as a result of Fiona Damage fill out the assistance form. We are currently looking at programs to replant areas across Nova Scotia affected by Hurricane Fiona. 


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