Celebration Trees

Add the beauty of nature to your special event or celebration!

Scott and Stewart Forestry Nursery located in Antigonish, Nova Scotia now offers beautiful tree seedlings and favours for weddings, corporate events and family occasions. Tree seedlings and tree favours are unique ways to honour new beginnings, preserve special moments, and show appreciation.

We currently offer over fifteen species of trees plus the newly popular Haskap plant and we can ship Canada-wide, year round. Our seedlings and tree favours are easily customizable to your celebration, theme and colour palette and include the option for thank you notes and growing instructions included as an add on.

We would love to hear from you and explore how we can bring the beauty of nature to your celebration. Please use the navigation links above to learn more about our products, species, pricing and how to contact for more information and specific requests.


Celebrations Trees are a perfect touch for your next occasion!

Each seedling comes individually wrapped in burlap and secured with hemp string. When the seedlings reach your door they are ready to be made your own with string, ribbons, flowers and handwritten notes based on your personal colour palette and theme or left  natural and undecorated if you wish.

Burlap seedlings are available in over 15 different tree species and orders can be customized with thank you notes (with growing instructions on reverse) with request.

Customized Notes

Customized Notes

Orders can be customized with thank you notes (with growing instructions on reverse) with request.
Multiple Sizes

Multiple Sizes

Tree table bouquets come in two different sizes, small (10 trees) and large (20 trees) and make beautiful centerpieces and table markers.
White or Red Spruce

White or Red Spruce

Table bouquets are currently available in white spruce and red spruce.
Go Green!

Go Green!

Orders can be customized with thank you notes (with growing instructions on reverse) with request.


There are many reasons to celebrate and we have something for every occasion! We would be happy to talk with you about specific requests regarding thank you tags and unique presentation of seedlings.

Our pricing is based on a sliding scale depending on quantity ordered. Please see pricing guide below for information on our available products. All prices are in Canadian dollars:

Table Tree Bouquets
SMALL (10 trees): $15.00/unit
LARGE (20 trees): $25.00/unit

Haskap Seedlings
Please contact us for pricing on Haskap.

can include Thank you notes with care instructions on reverse: + $0.25 per unit.

Seedling Care Reads:
“Seedlings need space to grow. In the spring, plant this tree in a place where there is little competition for light, water and nutrients. Sprinkle with water when dry.”

We currently ship Canada wide, year round and fill orders in as little as two weeks with the option for express delivery (3-5 business days) if needed. Shipping is extra and dependent on quantity, distance and time frame. In the Antigonish and surrounding area, we can arrange for you to pick up your order at our office.

For any further questions regarding cost, shipping and customization or to place an order please contact us at (902) 863-5508 or [email protected].

Seasonal Species Guide

Follow the guide below for information on which tree species are best for each season:

The two most popular species year round are white spruce and red spruce (the provincial tree of Nova Scotia); however, haskap seedlings are quickly becoming a popular option for the health and wellness conscious as once grown produce superfood berries year after year. The deciduous plants, such as maple, elm, oak, and birch make beautiful additions to fall weddings due to the timing and colouring of their leaves.

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